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Facebook launches standalone “Events” discovery and calendar app | TechCrunch

Posted By admin on News - 650 million people use Facebook Events -- 100 million every day -- but it's a smaller sect of hardcore extroverts who discover these parties and meetups, then..

Staples may be the latest target in string of credit card hacks - Business - The Boston Globe

Posted By admin on Business - If its breach is confirmed, Staples would be the latest of many consumer brands that has fallen prey to hackers. Since the retailer Target was hacked in late 2013, hundreds of millions of credit card records and personal records have been stolen, affecting as many as 6 in 10 Americans.

Stalled Scientology development is latest delay in long effort to restore blighted Hotel Alexandra

Posted By admin on Science - Neighbors cheered when, in 2008, the Church of Scientology of Boston bought the historic but crumbling Hotel Alexandra in the South End and promised to fix the building, which has been blighted for decades. But six years later, work has yet to start. Instead, the church is struggling to close a multimillion dollar funding shortfall, fighting a potentially costly lawsuit that alleges it broke a real estate contract, and scaling back its ambitious renovation plans.